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Commercial Interior Design

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Commercial interior design refers to the interior design of restaurants, retail stores, offices and other public spaces. In the past, commercial interior design focused on aesthetics and branding. Today, the focus is shifting towards sustainable environments where an emphasis is placed on the ESG (the Environmental, Social and Governance) aspects of a project.

Green spaces and sustainability

Modern commercial interior design is taking full advantage of organic materials that allow us to bring the outdoors in. Marloes Reinink of Solid Green Consulting says, “The move towards sustainable interior design focuses on healthy spaces where people can be happy and more productive.” Design suggestions include:

  • Vertical gardens
  • Pot plants
  • Using sustainably resourced materials
  • Natural lighting


Psychographics refer to the qualitative methodologies used to describe consumers based on their psychological attributes. While demographics focus on the “Who”, psychographics focus on the “Why”. Psychographic focus areas include:

  • Interests
  • Values
  • Backgrounds
  • Cultures

Promote wellness

In 2018, the Global Wellness Institute reported, “Our homes, communities and surrounding environment… determine up to 90 percent of our health outcomes.” Since most people work outside of their homes, it is safe to say that the same statistic also applies to one’s office environment. With that being said, other commercial properties such as malls and restaurants should not shy away from incorporating these wellness-enhancing elements into their designs. Design suggestions include:

  • Small rock climbing walls (such as those in Cape Union Mart shops)
  • Coffee bars
  • Game rooms
  • Walking trails
  • Communal gardens

Make them feel at home

Some commercial buildings, such as banking halls, often convey feelings of monotony and dreariness. As such, the interiors of these buildings should be designed in a way that promotes the exact opposite, thereby creating a sense of ease for the user. Design suggestions include:

  • Comfortable furniture
  • Coffee bars
  • Plants and greenery
  • Fireplace

Foster relationships

According to Kasley Killam from Scientific American, “Mounting evidence shows that relationships should be a public health priority.” While some environments impede social interaction, others promote it. With the latter becoming increasingly important, more and more clients are requesting design layouts that encourage people to engage with one another. Design suggestions include:

  • Open plan office
  • Technology resource spaces
  • Coffee bars
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Mobile furniture

The world is changing and so are the needs of our consumers. If you’re looking at revamping your commercial space with the purpose of meeting the ever-changing requirements of your stakeholders, contact us for a quote: https://koolcon.co.za/contact-us/